About us

Log Mag Sp. Z o.o. is built on years of experience in Transport, Freight Forwarding and Logistics industry. From the moment our company was founded in 1999, through out the years we constantly strengthen our position in the industry. Today we can confidently say that we made a good name for our selves thanks to hard-working and dedicated freight forwarding team as well as our customers who trusted us with their goods. With our fleet and trusted partners, we support production companies from various industries. We hope that you will also like to use our services. In addition to comprehensive technical support, we also focus on building a healthy working relationship to maintain efficient communication, That is why we are at your disposal when you need it.

Initially, we provided domestic transport with vehicles with a load capacity up to 24 tons. However, along with a growing demand we have launched an international forwarding department for our customers.

The concepts of transport, forwarding and logistics have been with us at every step of our business. For 4 years in the initial phase of functioning, trusted by clients dealt with the storage of electronic components and packaging based on well known just-in-time system. This allowed us to look at the transport also from the point of view of customers, who value our quality services as  we constantly aim to improve our standards.

Our flexible employees will happily visit you site personally to talk about the terms of transport and forwarding solutions.

Our branches are based in:

  • Grodzisk Mazowiecki – HQ
  • Bielsko-Biała
  • Gdynia
  • Białystok

In 2013, we had build our own warehouse, workshop and CCTV monitored yard for our fleet in a town of Baranow near Warsaw. Thanks to professional team, our vehicles constantly travel through out the Europe to provide best possible service to our customers.

Contact us

+48 22 755 53 33


05-827 Grodzisk Mazowiecki,
ul. T. Bairda 56/8